Angelo’s Story: Using Sesame in an Emergency


We love hearing from Sesame users about how the Sesame smart lock is making an impact on their lives!

Sesame backer Angelo M. recently shared this story with us:

“I was among the first people to sign up on Kickstarter for the Sesame and have been using mine for some time now. I recently had an experience that I wanted to share with you.

On June 8 I fell from a ladder inside my house and broke my hip. I am 81 and live alone and was lying on the floor realizing that I was not going to be able to get up. Luckily I ALWAYS keep my cell phone in my shirt pocket and so was able to call 911. As I was doing this I also realized that my front door was locked and that the paramedics would not waste time but would break the door to get in.

Thank goodness for Sesame. I opened the app, unlocked the door and let the 911 operator know that the door was unlocked. That saved me from a huge expense to repair a broken front door. Thanks Sesame.”

Good thing Angelo had his phone with him so he could call 911! We're grateful to hear that Sesame was a help to him in his emergency and saved him from worrying about his door on top of all the stress of the accident. Best wishes to Angelo for a smooth and speedy recovery!

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