Wi-Fi Access Point, Message to Android Users, New Features, & Photo Request

Wi-Fi Access Point Beta Testing

Thanks again to everyone who signed up to be a beta tester for the Wi-Fi Access Points. We’re very excited about how the Wi-Fi Access Point is coming along and can’t wait to get them to our valued testers.

test wi-fi access point

We’re thrilled to announce that this week we’ve sent out the first batch of Wi-Fi Access Point test units. Woohoo! We’re anxiously awaiting feedback from these initial testers - fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

test wi-fi access point next to sesame

We wish we could’ve sent a test unit to everyone who requested one, but we had only a very limited number of units for June. If you weren’t included in this first batch, don’t fret! You’re still on our list of beta testers and we will get in touch with you when we’re ready to send you a test unit. (And it's not too late to become a beta tester if you're still interested! Email us at sesame@candyhouse.co to let us know you'd like to be a beta tester.) We will be producing a second, much larger batch of test Wi-Fi Access Point in July, so most beta Wi-Fi Access Point testers, both iOS and Android, can expect to receive theirs by the end of the month. Please keep an eye out for an email from us explaining what beta testing will involve and requesting confirmation of your interest and shipping address. As you can see in the photos, the outer case doesn’t fit quite perfectly, but the second batch should look a lot more polished than the first batch! 

Assuming all goes well with the beta testing, we will still be on schedule to ship out the final version of the Wi-Fi Access Points to all backers by the end of September. We’ll be sure to let you know if we run into any delays, but for now we’re pleased to say that everything is progressing along according to schedule. We can’t wait to send you your Wi-Fi Access Points and hope you’ll love it!

A Message for Android Users

We apologize for the notification many Android users received regarding the Sesame software update. As it turns out, this and other features are not yet available for Android. We apologize that the Android app hasn't yet caught up to the iOS app - we know this is a serious issue and we definitely owe it to our Android users to improve. In the past we invested the bulk of our limited resources into iOS development because more than 70% of Sesame users are on iOS, but we empathize with our Android users (half the CANDY HOUSE team uses Android for their primary device) and understand that it's definitely not ok for the Android app to be so far behind. We apologize that the Android app was so neglected, and we absolutely recognize that it needs a lot of work.

Over the past few months we've grown our Android development team significantly (it's now bigger than our iOS development team!), and they're working hard to fix the app, add missing features, and improve connection speed. We know that progress hasn't been as quick as we'd like, especially since new features are still getting added to iOS as Android is playing catch-up. But rest assured, it's important to us to get the Android app up to speed, and we'll be investing a lot more resources into making that happen. We want both iOS and Android users to have an amazing experience with their Sesame app, and we'll be doing our best to make that a reality.

Some of you have written to us regarding security concerns regarding the lack of Sesame software update for Android. We’d like to clarify that the Sesame software updates with security improvements are required due to features that are currently iOS-only, so Android users won't be affected (but it is important for iOS users to update their Sesame software!). Currently there are no security concerns for Android users that require Sesame software updates, and that's why it hasn't been a priority - rest assured, your security is important to us and we would never intentionally leave our users open to security concerns. Of course, we'll make sure that Sesame software updates are available to Android users when we roll out the features that require them! In the future we plan to make Sesame software updates automatic so your Sesame will always receive the necessary patches, and hopefully that will give our users peace of mind regarding potential security issues.

Also, we plan to officially release the Android app on Google Play Store in July - our developers are working on polishing the app before release. We will also be resurrecting the Android Beta Testing Program in July with a new beta app for Android, including exciting new features for Android! We’ll have more information soon.

New Features and Improvements


  • Now you can share access with others by entering their email - no need to wait for them to download the app or verify their accounts before adding them as guests!
  • Fixed Touch ID logout bug
  • Notifications for low battery & Sesame software update
  • User interface improvements & bug fixes


  • User interface improvements & bug fixes

Simplified Chinese & Japanese UI 简体中文版本 & 日本語バージョン on iOS

We’re expanding language support for the Sesame app! Please email us if you notice any errors so we can continue to improve the translations.

API Libraries and Plugins

Check out the awesome things Sesame users have done with the Sesame cloud API!

Let us know if you have something to share with other Sesame users. We’d love to showcase your work on the CANDY HOUSE Developer Site!

Social Media

We’re ramping up our activity on our various social media channels and we’d love to connect with you! Here are the ways you can keep up with CANDY HOUSE news.


Sign in to our forum with your Sesame account email and password to chat with other Sesame users as well as CANDY HOUSE founder Jerming! 


You can find us hanging out at r/sesamesmartlock as u/candyhouseinc! Let us know if you have any general questions, we’d be happy to help. Thanks to u/urvaksh for creating the sub and inviting us to participate!


We’ve created a new Instagram account @candyhouse.co and would love to showcase your Sesame photos! More information below. 

Facebook & Twitter

We’re still on Facebook and Twitter and actively responding to posts and messages! Follow us to stay updated.

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Extra Adhesives & Foam Inserts

Previously, we’ve offered DIY solutions for issues like extra adhesives and foam inserts for your Sesame. We understand this is not ideal for everyone, and we’re happy to say that it’s now possible to order extra adhesives and foam inserts directly from CANDY HOUSE!

You will be able to purchase additional adhesives pre-cut to fit your Sesame as soon as we restock! Similarly, we also offer foam inserts that will fit the Sesame gripper perfectly, plus an adhesive backing so it won’t fall out! (Please note that these inserts are designed to fit the newer Sesames without the detachable adjusters.)

Sesame Around the World

Calling all Sesame and photography lovers!

We are in the process of redesigning our new website and we want your help - please send us your photos of Sesames in their new homes! We’d love to take a peek at all the different places where Sesame can be found.

What does your door look like? Is it sleek and modern? Or is it stately and ornate? Perhaps you’ve customized your door with a bright pop of neon?

What’s the view from your doorway? Is it an urban jungle? A safe cul-de-sac in suburbia? Or is it rolling hills and farmland, or forests and snow?

In addition to photos showing where you’re using Sesame, we’d also love to learn how you’re using Sesame. Maybe you are an Airbnb host and Sesame has simplified the key exchange process for you? Maybe you’re the neighborhood gadget whiz and have been impressing everyone with your smarthome setup? Or maybe you are a design guru, and you have styled up your Sesame to fit your aesthetics?

We envision our website as a collaboration with our community - we want to share your stories and photos of how you’re living a life made easier and smarter with the addition of Sesame. We want to spotlight your joyful, surprising, and innovative contributions - we love our supporters and we can’t wait to show the world how awesome each of you are.

If you feel inspired to share how you’re rocking your life with Sesame, we want to invite you to send us a few of your best photos & stories with Sesame in your daily life. We will feature our favorites with attribution on our brand new website in July (as seen below).

candy house new website front page

Thank you in advance for spreading colors and joy to our community! To submit your photos and questions, email: sesame@candyhouse.co.

Thank You

Thank you all again for your continued support and patience as we roll out the Wi-Fi Access Points. We know it’s been a long journey - thanks for sticking with us! We hope you love your Sesame and will love it even more with the Wi-Fi Access Point. We can’t wait to ship out the Wi-Fi Access Points. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email us at sesame@candyhouse.co if you have any comments or questions for us!


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