// SESAME //

Your key, reinvented.

Can I still use my original key or manually lock/unlock the door ? YES.

Yes, of course. There is a thumb turn on Sesame for indoor manual usage and your key still works.

What if my phone is lost/stolen?

You can log-on to and remove access authorization for that device. When you get a new phone, simply download the Sesame App and log in to your account. And key still works.

What if my phone is out of power? And what if Sesame is out of power?

You can always use your key to open the door. Alternatively, you can also use a friend or neighbor’s phone to download the app, use your login to access the door, and delete the app.

Sesame's power lasts about 500 days. It will keep notifying you through app when batteries are low. Also, it is very easy to order CR123A batteries on Amazon/eBay and get them in two days.

What phone should I have to use Sesame?

Sesame is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

I have an old door lock, will Sesame work?

Sesame is designed to work on any Single-Cylinder deadbolts in the world. Current model is optimized for US/Canada/North Europe. If you would like to make sure whether Sesame works, please send a picture of your door lock to

Is Sesame safe?

Sesame is AES 256-bit and TLS 1.2 encrypted, which is military grade encryption. Sorry, bad guys.

How close does my Wi-Fi Access Point need to be to my Sesame to work best?

Wi-Fi Access Point should be installed within 33 feet (10 meter) of your Sesame, but we recommend within 15 feet for optimal performance and reliability.

What happens if there is an Internet outage?

Internet outage only affects the Wi-Fi Access Point, meaning you can’t control Sesame remotely. You can still control Sesame with within 33 feet (10 meter) of it using Bluetooth.

Can I just use one Wi-Fi Access Point for several Sesames ? YES.

Yes....but considering the effective communication between Sesame and Wi-Fi Access Point, the maximum distance should not exceed 33 feet (10 meter)

How many Sesames can I manage ? and can I control them simultaneously ?

You can manage as many Sesames as possible by just one account. This make it easier to manage real estate.

If you have multiple locks on the same door, you can use app to group them together and control them at the same time. However, you do need to setup each Sesame individually.

How many e-keys can I make a copy to others? ∞

Sesame gives “smart lock” a whole new definition. Sesame is not a technically a “smart lock”, and CANDY HOUSE is not even a smart home company. Sesame is a small ROBOT that locks/unlocks the door for you. The concept of a robot has been very far from that of "keys". With Sesame, the concept is "issuing permission to people", rather than "giving them copies of the key". You can grant the permission to up to hundreds of people but none of them can simply copy the key to someone else. Much more secure.

Monthly fee ? 0

Sesame architecture is very neat with tiny data traffic, therefore maintaining the server service and making it secure are not exhausting at all.

Will the Wi-Fi Access Point work on 220V? 240V? YES.

Yes the Wi-Fi Access Point works on these voltages, from 96V~245V.

Ok, tell me what the diference is with the Wi-Fi thing?

With Wi-Fi Access Point, you can
1.remotely access Sesame no matter where you are
2.remotely grant/revoke access for your friends/other people no matter where you are
3.if someone unlock/unlock/knock your door, you can get immediate notification from Sesame no matter where you are.

Without Wi-Fi Access Point, you can access/ grant or revoke access/ get notification only when you are nearby your door.

---------------Why did you separate this anyway?-----------------

We did hope that Wi-Fi Access Point and Sesame can be one single product, but not separate ones. However, if we want to keep Sesame always connected to the internet as well as keep its long battery life(500 days), we need to separate the Wi-Fi chip from Sesame and give it AC power.