Foam Inserts (One Pair)

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Recommended for knobs narrower than 0.4 in / 1.0 cm

Is your thumb turn too narrow for Sesame to get a good grip on the knob? You can cut out pieces of foam from the Sesame packaging to place around knob, or purchase pre-cut foam inserts with adhesive to install directly in your Sesame!

To install the insert, simply peel off the adhesive backing and place the insert inside the gripper, wider side first. Press it against the side of the gripper for a few seconds to ensure adhesion, then repeat with the second piece.

Two pieces (one pair) are included - please be sure to use both pieces to ensure optimal performance! It is not recommended to install only one piece as the knob will then be off-center.

(Please note that these foam inserts are designed to fit the newer Sesame without detachable adjusters. You may need to clip the ends to get these to fit the older version.)