Sesame Smart Lock (INTL)

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Sesame Smart Lock - Your key, reinvented.
Leave your keys at home and let Sesame unlock the door for you and your friends. It only takes seconds to set up Sesame and start using your phone as your key!

Make your life easier with Sesame:

 Install your Sesame in seconds. No tools. No screws. No hassle. Install Sesame directly over your deadbolt lock - no need to take anything apart!
Unlock your door with your smartphone. Download the Sesame app and unlock your door via Bluetooth. Never worry about forgetting your keys again.
✔ Auto-lock and auto-unlock your door. Let Sesame keep you safe by automatically locking the door behind you, and welcome you home by unlocking the door at your arrival (auto-unlock is currently available as a beta feature).
✔ Knock on your phone to unlock your door. Ask Sesame to open the door by knocking on your phone three times (knock to unlock is currently only available for iOS devices as a beta feature).
Grant (and revoke) access to your guests. Give Sesame a list of trusted guests who are allowed to let themselves in, and Sesame will take care of the rest. No more spare keys or waiting around in person to let your friends inside!
✔ View your Sesame's history log. Sesame will keep a log of actions it takes, so you can keep tabs on who's been unlocking your door and when.
Keep your old key. Save your key as a backup, or for sentimental reasons. Even with Sesame installed, your original key will still work in a pinch!

Watch our video below to see the Sesame smart lock in action:

 Disclaimer: Some features in the video above are still under development, in beta, or require pairing your Sesame with a Wi-Fi Access Point. Auto-unlock is available as a beta feature for both Android and iOS devices, and knock (on phone) to unlock is available as a beta feature for iOS devices. Voice control is coming soon! Knock (on door) to unlock is still under development. For instant notifications, live log updates, and to grant access to Sesame from anywhere in the world, and please pre-order Wi-Fi Access Point (available June - September 2017).

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Customer Reviews

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Emanuele Salini
Better than August, and many others.

The batteries last FOREVER, the lock is powerful and just as quiet. Sometimes the auto unlock doesn't work but I find the same with August. Overall , I've had 4 august locks and 1 sesame and I am slowly replacing them all with Sesames. Points off for auto unlock not always working and the fact that it looks like development has stopped.

Thank you for great customer support

Overall am very happy great customer service, but I have problem with auto unlock feature, it's connection almost 1 minute later when am in front of door. It must be improved but accept this am happy at all.

Lior Velichover

Sesame Smart Lock (INTL)