// SESAME //

Your key, reinvented.

Remote Access

The optional WiFi access point connects Sesame to the Internet without further draining the batteries.

The Wi-Fi Access Point runs open source OpenWrt Linux and uses 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n WiFi and a Bluetooth LE 4.0 radio. It’s fully compatible with Arduino IDE v1.5.4 or later -- the ideal choice to connect your Bluetooth devices to your home/mesh Wi-Fi network.

Simple, Robust,

Sesame is the lightest “lock” ever designed (5.7 oz / 161g with two batteries). It is also simple to install and highly robust when installed. Never worry about Sesame breaking or falling off the door.

Moving somewhere? No problem. Sesame’s damage-free, hassle-free adhesive strip won’t leave a mark on your door surface.

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Military Grade Encryption

A “lock” that keeps the bad guys out. That’s why Sesame is AES-256-GCM and TLS 1.2 encrypted. Sorry, bad guys.

Knock Recognition

Control Sesame without even taking out your phone. Simply knock on your phone or your door to unlock Sesame.