Best of #TECHSAVVYDAD Stories - Plus Winner Announcement!

Huge thank-you to everyone who entered the giveaway! Your stories were both funny and touching, and we had a blast looking at all the entries. We’d like to start out by sharing some of our favorites!

Moises's Story


This first story by Moises B. definitely got a laugh out of us! (Or maybe just a chuckle. Some of us are not as demonstrative.)

"My dad kept on forgetting to turn off the lights so he bought smart lights. There was a robbery in the neighborhood so he bought smart cameras. My mom lost her keys so he bought Sesame. They broke the TV, and no... they didn't buy a smart TV, but guess what, I'm not getting paid for fixing it so it's all the same to them."

We love hearing how Moises’ parents have adopted new gadgets as needed - not only are they keeping up with new smart home technology, they’re wily enough to get free tech support!

Soo's Story


This story by Soo C. was cute and sweet.  

"My dad always forgot home password :/ This smartlock will make you easy to enter home when I sleep at night :) So you don't feel sorry for waking me up in the nighttime! Love you dad! #techsavvydad"

We definitely agree with Soo regarding the preciousness of sleep - there’s a lot we’d be willing to do to get more of it!


Zac's Story


This story by Zac C. had us wincing - but only in sympathy! 

"I woke up to the sound of the doorbell, and I glanced at my phone to notice that Ring had alerted me to someone at the door. I knew it was Fedex but figured I had to sign anyways, so I didn't bother answering through the app. I hurried downstairs and stubbed my toe along the way all, hoping to not miss my delivery. When I opened the door, I heard my dad speaking through the Ring doorbell verbally accepting the package! For the paranoid person in all of us, he sure loves that device. And I have a feeling he would also love to be able to remotely unlock that very same door and see access logs. #techsavvydad"

Well, we suppose a stubbed toe isn’t that bad, but we’re very empathetic! We love hearing how smart home gadgets make everyday life so much more convenient.


Mike's Story


This story by Mike S. touched us - his love for his family rings loud and clear, and we’re honored to be able to share such a beautiful story with all of you!

"My father has always been into gizmos and gadgets, and as a father of 3 kids born in 3 years ('85,'86' & '87), my parents really had their hands full. Every weekend my father was building or designing new things to make our lives easier, or to automate some process that was otherwise time consuming. Whether it was installing motion-sensor lighting around the house, re-building our basement to be more kid friendly, or making us toys (we destroyed the train set he built for us in less than 20 min), he always came up with something fun and new. This eye for gizmos and gadgets rubbed off on us and as adults we share the same keen eye for new tech.
I am not however writing to you for my father. I am writing to you for my older brother who became a father for the first time in February. He's very into new tech and constantly sending me items off Kickstarter or indiegogo that he thinks are awesome. He is the first guy to know about future tech and all of his friends look to him before buying their next gadgets. Now all of this tech knowledge is focused on baby tech stuff, though it's more for him than the baby (think night vision baby monitors)
That said, I am a happy Sesame owner, and I think Sesame's functionality would be perfect for my brother's new life as a father. He and his wife live in an apartment building, so they are constantly trying to open doors, or hit elevator buttons with one hand, while trying to hold the baby or groceries with the other. Their world is full of keys and fobs, and watching them struggle to get into their unit something of a nightmare.
I know my brother and his wife would absolutely love Sesame's auto-unlock system, and would be thrilled to take one key off their key-chain. The shared permissions settings would also help all of us with access to help babysit the newest member of our family. My brother would be the first to show this brilliant tech to all of their friends who are new parents and I know my father would be recommending it to all of his friends too.  I hope Candy House chooses my family for this prize!!"

We love hearing how the love of gadgets was passed from Mike’s dad to himself and his brother. Congratulations on the newest addition to your gizmo-loving family!



We’re finally ready to announce the winning entry, with a free Champagne Gold Sesame Smart Lock as the prize!

*Drumroll please!*

 And the Champagne Gold Sesame Smart Lock goes to...

Moises, Soo, Zac, and Mike!

Surprise! We’ve decided to increase the number of prizes! Although we received other entries as well, these were our favorites of the bunch. We loved their stories so much that we wanted all of them to be winners! Each of the winners will be receiving a Champagne Gold Sesame Smart Lock as thanks for contributing an awesome story.

We’ve emailed the winners to let them know they’ve won (yay!) and request shipping addresses for their prize. Winners, please respond to our email so we can get your Sesame to you! 

Thanks again to everyone who participated, whether you won or not. We loved hearing from each of you about the #techsavvydad in your life, and we hope that you’ll find the Sesame smart lock to be a positive addition to all of your lives!


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