Your key, reinvented


Less Is More

When you leave the house, you always bring three things: your keys, your wallet, and your phone.
Now your phone is your key!

See How Sesame
Your Life

Fits All Deadbolts

Fits Almost Any Cylinder Deadbolt Locks in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia!

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Install Sesame in Seconds

No tools, no screws, no hassle

  • Remote Knock

    Knock on your phone and the Sesame smart lock will do magic for you.

  • Auto-Unlock & Lock

    Have your Sesame smart lock automatically unlock when you get home & lock when you close the door.

  • Long battery life

    Your Sesame smart lock lasts about 500 days on lithium batteries. You’ll receive a notification when your lock is low on power.

  • Share Access

    Grant access to your Sesame smart lock to your friends and revoke access at any time.

  • Key still works

    You can still use your original key to open the door even after you’ve installed your Sesame smart lock.

  • Get Notifications

    Receive a notification whenever your door opens or closes.

  • Military Grade Encryption

    A "lock" that keeps the bad guys out. That’s why Sesame is AES-256-GCM and TLS 1.2 encrypted. Sorry, bad guys.