When can I get my Sesame smart lock?

What's your warranty policy?

What's the return policy?

What countries do you ship to?


Is the Sesame smart lock safe?

Can I still use my original/old/physical lock to open the door?

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

What if my phone is out of power?

What smartphones can I use with the Sesame smart lock?

How many Sesame smart locks can I manage?

Can my guests see the history log?

What kind of batteries does the Sesame smart lock require? How long will the batteries last?

Can I give permission/access to friends & family? Do they have to download the app or create an account?

How many guests can I grant access to?

Where's my verification email?

Wi-Fi Access Point

What is the Wi-Fi Access Point?

When can I get my Wi-Fi Access Point?

Can I use the Wi-Fi Access Point at 220V? 240V?

How close to my Sesame smart lock does my Wi-Fi Access Point need to be?

How many Wi-Fi Access Points do I need? Can I use one Wi-Fi Access Point for two Sesames, or do I need a separate Wi-Fi Access Point for each lock?