When can I expect to receive my order?

What's your return policy?

What's your warranty policy?

How do I sign up for the CANDY HOUSE Forum?

How can I stay updated on CANDY HOUSE news?


How does the Sesame smart lock work?

Will Sesame fit my lock? What can I do if Sesame doesn't fit perfectly?

Can I use Sesame on a multi-revolution lock?

Is the Sesame smart lock safe?

Can I still use my original/old/physical key to open the door?

What smartphones can I use with the Sesame smart lock and where can I download the Sesame app?

How do I register my new Sesame?

Where's my verification email?

How do I set up auto-unlock and knock to unlock?

How many Sesame smart locks can I own?

What kind of batteries does the Sesame smart lock require? How long will the batteries last?

How do I change the batteries?

How do I use Sesame with Apple Watch?

Can I give permission/access to friends & family? Do they have to download the app or create an account?

What's the difference between guests and managers?

How many guests and managers can I grant access to?

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

What if my phone is out of power?

Is there an API for Sesame?

Something's wrong with my Sesame. Help!

Wi-Fi Access Point

What is the Wi-Fi Access Point?

What plugs and voltages does the Wi-Fi Access Point support?

How close to my Sesame smart lock does my Wi-Fi Access Point need to be?

How many Wi-Fi Access Points do I need? Can I use one Wi-Fi Access Point for two Sesames, or do I need a separate Wi-Fi Access Point for each lock?

I preordered the Wi-Fi Access Point and still haven't received it.

What cool things can I do now that I have the Wi-Fi Access Point?

Where can I learn more about the Sesame API?

How can I let friends or family connect to Sesame via Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi Access Point isn't showing up in the app.

I can't update the Wi-Fi Access Point firmware version.

The Wi-Fi Access Point isn't working!