Detailed Guideline

Range of deadbolts that fit Sesame

If your lock is single turn and meets these dimension requirements, you have our PROMISE that Sesame will work!

If your lock matches the given measurements, the Sesame smart lock is compatible

Other locks that fit

A knob without a base is fine as long as the rest of dimensions fit the requirements. You can also insert your key to act as a knob, and then install Sesame regularly.

The Sesame smart lock works with locks that have a knob and a base

Only Knob

The Sesame smart lock also works with locks that require a key to be inserted in the base

Base & Key

The Sesame smart lock is also compatible with locks that require a key but don’t have a base

Only Key






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Product Spec

Sesame smart lock specifications in a bottom left view

Up-Left View

Display of Sesame’s dimensions

Sesame smart lock specifications in a top view

Top View

Display of Sesame’s specs