New Sesame Software Available (version 2017.04.14)

Hello Everyone,

We have released a new software version (2017.04.14) with two very important updates and security enhancements.  

1. Fixed Manager role bug: we are excited to announce the new Manager role which allows owners to delegate guest management to friends and family. Managers are able to add and remove guests, view history log, and connects to Sesame via Wi-Fi.

2. Fixed duplicate history log bug: we have been working very hard on resolving the history log bugs and recently fixed all of them.

For iOS users: Please open your Sesame app, select your Sesame, go to Status, click Change Settings, and then click Software Version to update your software to the latest version. Please note that you will need to connect to your Sesame via Bluetooth in order to update the software version. Please be sure to do this for all of your Sesames.

screenshot of Sesame software update

For Android users: We will release a new version of the Sesame app with the Manager role enabled next week!

Please email us at if you have any questions. Thank you!



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