Sesame named "Best for Renters" by (plus bonus Sesame review!)

We're thrilled that Sesame smart lock was included in's smart lock roundup for 2017!

Sesame was named "Best for Renters" and described as a "fantastic smart lock at a fantastic price." They also described Sesame as very fast to connect, "taking an average of three seconds to lock and unlock (some of the other models tested took upwards of 10 seconds)." on Sesame Smart Lock - Best for Renters also featured Sesame's easy installation in their Twitter video:



We also loved Aaron Yeager's blog post reviewing Sesame where he referes to Sesame as a landlord-friendly smart lock. He writes, "I've wanted a smart lock for three years, but living in an apartment comes with its restrictions. Luckily, there's Sesame... [i]t's a godsend for people like me who have a landlord that doesn't take kindly to apartment modifications." Thank you for the great review, Aaron, and we hope you continue to enjoy your Sesame!

Whether you're a renter or not, if you're interested in getting a smart lock for your door that's fast, easy to install, and affordable, be sure to give Sesame a try!

Oh and one more thing - Pearl White Sesame, Champagne Silver Sesame, and Extra Adhesives are now back in stock! Don't miss out on purchasing one of the above if you've been waiting for them to become available again - now's your chance!