Sesame Now Works with Amazon Alexa!

We're thrilled to announce that Sesame's Amazon Alexa Custom Skill is now available!  Make sure you are the registered owner of your Sesame, have Sesame paired with a Wi-Fi Access Point, and have Integration > Cloud enabled in lock settings, then enable the Sesame skill here:
Sesame Smart Lock now works with Amazon Alexa
With this skill, you will be able to lock your door and ask Alexa to tell you the lock status.
We're so excited to be adding more and more integrations to Sesame. If you missed our previous announcement, our Google Assistant action is now available as well! 
Our fans have also been hard at work on additional integrations. Check out our list of third-party plugins for how to link your Sesame to SmartThings, HomeKit, and more!
You can also continue using IFTTT to link Sesame to all sorts of different services, or use our Cloud API to customize how you interact with Sesame.
We can't wait to make Sesame better and better by offering additional features and improving its ease of use. We really appreciate all the support and feedback from our fans and can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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