Sesame Now Works with Google Assistant!

Google Assistant for Sesame Now Available! 

We’re thrilled to announce that Sesame now works with Google Assistant! Now, Sesame fans will no longer need to use IFTTT as a bridge - instead, you’ll be able to link your Sesame directly to Google Assistant and ask Google to lock your door or check its status!

Sesame Smart Lock now works with Google Assistant

To start using the Sesame Lock action for Google Assistant, make sure your Sesame is paired with a Wi-Fi Access Point and that you have enabled Integration > Cloud under Lock Settings. In your Google Assistant app, search for the Sesame Lock action. Click Link and enter your CANDY HOUSE account email and password (if you see Account Locked, change your password in the Sesame app). You will be able to select one Sesame for use with Google Assistant. Now you’ll be able to tell Google to “ask Sesame lock to lock the door” or “ask Sesame lock to check lock status”! You can also make your own shortcuts for these actions. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to reach out to us at

We will be working on making more integrations possible for Sesame this year. The Sesame Amazon Alexa skill has been submitted for review and we hope it will be available soon. In the meantime, please check out our IFTTT applets, integrations created by Sesame fans(such as Homebridge and SmartThings for Sesame), or try your hand at our no-programming-knowledge-needed API tutorial

Please note these features all require having your Sesame paired with a Wi-Fi Access Point. You will also need to enable Integration > Cloud in your Lock Settings after you’ve paired your Sesame to a Wi-Fi Access Point.

Server Move & App Beta Testing 

We’ve been working to move our homebrew signup/login platform to Amazon Cognito Server for better security and stability. We’re really excited about this change because the improved security means your accounts will be basically impossible to hack, and the increase in robustness means much better stability and reliability.

During this transition you may have noticed some temporary server issues, and we apologize deeply to those who were affected. Also, if you received an email regarding suspicious sign-in, we apologize for the false alarm - during internal testing we erroneously sent a dummy email to a small subset of users, and it’s safe to disregard the notification. We regret the inconvenience caused by these server issues - we’re doing all we can to minimize interruptions to service during our move, and apologize for the ones we failed to prevent. We will do our best to reduce these instances going forward. We’re confident that once the transition is complete, the server will be very stable and robust, and Sesame fans can rest assured that there won’t be future server issues affecting their use of Sesame.

Transitioning our servers will also open up a wealth of new features related to your account, including changing your email address, associating multiple email addresses to an account, and associating a phone number with your account. You’ll have more freedom in how you invite guests and how they create their accounts. We want using Sesame to be as convenient as possible and hope that these changes will make it easier to share access with your friends, family, service providers, and homeshare guests.


We’d love to get your help in finding potential bugs during this transition!

iOS: If you are an iOS TestFlight tester, please download the latest version of the Sesame app in TestFlight.

ANDROID: If you are on Android and would be interested in beta testing for us, you can download our latest APK here.

If you find any bugs or issues, please email so we can pass them to our devs and make sure they’re fixed before the new version of the app is made live to all users. We always appreciate receiving feedback from Sesame fans and are working hard to continue improving Sesame! 


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