Update on Wi-Fi Access Point and Android App

Wi-Fi Access Point

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Thanks to our first-batch Wi-Fi Access Point beta testers’ feedback, we will need to make some changes to the Wi-Fi Access Point software protocol. We’re confident that this change will further improve the Wi-Fi Access Point function. Unfortunately, this means that there will be a two-week delay on shipping the second batch of test units. Rest assured that the quality of the second batch test units will be much more stable than the first batch!

Our new estimate for shipping additional test units is now mid-August. As mentioned previously, the second batch will be larger than the first, so we will be able to ship more Wi-Fi Access Point test units and receive a greater range of feedback.

We will be shipping test units for the Wi-Fi Access Points to iOS users first as we are still working on Wi-Fi Access Point support for the Android app (more on this below). We will be verifying the primary OS for your Sesame owner account when confirming your interest in receiving a test unit to ensure that you will be able to use the Wi-Fi Access Point.

If you’ve pledged for multiple Wi-Fi Access Points, we will also confirm with you the number of test units you’d like to receive. The remainder will be shipped once the final versions are available.

Please note that, should you elect to receive a beta WI-Fi Access Point, we won't be able to provide a final production unit unless the test one is defective. The test units will be covered under our 1-year warranty, just like Sesame and the final version of the Wi-Fi Access Point, so if your test unit turns out to be defective or malfunctions within a year, let us know and we’ll be happy to send a replacement if we can’t help you fix the issue.

We are still accepting requests to be included in the August batch of the Wi-Fi Access Point beta testers, so let us know if you would be interested in potentially receiving a test unit!

Due to the delay caused by changes to software protocol, we will also need to extend our estimate for the delivery of final Wi-Fi Access Points to October 2017. We apologize for the additional delay and understand that the wait has been very long, but it’s important to us that our users have a great experience with the Wi-Fi Access Point. Based on our in-house tests and feedback from early beta testers, remote connection to Sesame will be faster than any other options currently available on the market, so we’re very excited and can’t wait for more people to try the Wi-Fi Access Point!

Android Update

Official release for the Android app will be pushed back to August. Our devs have been hard at work refactoring the app in preparation for all the new features we are planning to add to the app (most importantly, WI-Fi Access Point support). We are very excited about the work they’ve done on improving the structure and functionality of the Android app. Some Android users have informed us on app crashes and slow connections to Sesame, and we know how much these issues interfere with the seamless experience with Sesame we’d like our users to enjoy. We envision Sesame as a product that brings convenience and simplicity to your life, and we apologize that the Android app has not been consistent in these regards.

The good news is that Android users will soon be able to enjoy a new app that is both stable and speedy - we’ve fixed a lot of issues causing crashes and have optimized Bluetooth connection for much faster response from Sesame. The new app release will also feature improved UI and support for the manager role. We’re looking forward to your feedback on the new-and-improved Android app - please be sure to give it a shot and let us know if you notice any issues with the app.

Once the app is released, our devs will be focusing 100% on adding Wi-Fi Access Point support for the Android app. This means that other features and optimizations will take a backseat until WI-Fi Access Point support is complete, likely sometime in September.

One feature that will be affected is Auto-Unlock. We will be temporarily removing Auto-Unlock from the new Android app and reinstating it with improved functionality after our devs complete their work on Wi-Fi Access Point support. We know this is not ideal and apologize for the inconvenience. If you’re an Android user who would prefer to continue using Auto-Unlock, we recommend staying on the current version of the Android app instead of installing the official release. We will also be sure to make the current version available for download so that users can downgrade if they wish. Of course, we will be doing our best to re-add Auto-Unlock to the official release as quickly as we can, along with improvements to the feature that are exclusively to Android users. Android has fewer limitations than iOS, so we are very excited about making the most of this freedom to improve Android features in a way that wouldn’t be possible for iOS.

In the meantime, please hang tight as we prepare for the official release of the Android app and start working on Wi-Fi Access Point support!

New Features for iOS

  • Lock/unlock notifications (requires Virtual Station or Wi-Fi Access Point)
  • Cloud integration with API or IFTTT (requires Virtual Station or Wi-Fi Access Point)
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi connection speed and user experience
  • Additional bug fixes

    iOS Sesame Software Update

    Sesame Software version 2017-6-2 is now available! To update your Sesame’s software, connect to your Sesame via Bluetooth with an iOS device, click on your Sesame’s Status, go to Change Settings, click on Software Version, and then click Install. Be sure to do so for each of your Sesames!

    update software development

    Send Us Photos of Your Sesame!

    We are still accepting photos to be featured on our new website, which will be live in August! Send us a photo of how you’re using Sesame in your daily life for a chance to have your photo on the front page of our new website.

    Thank You

    Thanks again to all of you for your continued support as we continue to improve the Wi-Fi Access Point and prepare for mass production and shipping. We’re very excited about the additional features that will be possible with the Wi-Fi Access Point and can’t wait to share them with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at sesame@candyhouse.co should you have any suggestions or questions. We value your opinion and will continue to work hard at making Sesame the best it can be.


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