Sesame Now Available as a Google Smart Home Device!

Good news, you can now link Sesame directly to your Google Home! If you have a Google Home device, you no longer have to rely on our Google Assistant action to link your Sesame to your Google Home. Instead, you can add Sesame directly in the Google Home app! Please see the instructions below for how to set up your Sesame as a Google Home device.

Please note that in order to use Sesame as a Google Home device, you must:

1. Download and install the Sesame app

2. Register your Sesame smart lock as the owner 

3. Pair your Sesame smart lock with a Wi-Fi Access Point

4. Enable notifications and cloud integration in Sesame settings

Enable Notifications and Cloud Integrations

1. Open the Sesame app and select your Sesame, then click Status

select sesame status

2. Click on Change Settings

change sesame settings

3. Toggle Notifications and Integration to ON

turn on sesame notifications and cloud integration

Add Sesame to Google Home

1. Open your Google Home app and click on the Add icon.

add sesame to google home

2. Select Set up device.

set up device in google home for sesame

3. Select Works with Google and click on the "Have something already set up?" option.

add sesame as works with google device

4. Click the search icon to search for Sesame and select Sesame when it appears in the list.

search for sesame in google home

5. Login to your CANDY HOUSE account on the dashboard.

login to candy house dashboard to link accounts

6. Click Authorize to grant Google permission to access your Sesame.

authorize google to access sesame

7. Click Done once your accounts are linked.

finished linking candy house account to google

8. Select your Sesame then click Next.

select your sesame in google home

9. If you only have one home, it will be automatically selected. Click Next.

add sesame to google home

10. Select the room to which you'd like to add your Sesame, then click Next.

add sesame to room in google home

11. Now you're ready to ask Google to lock Sesame and report its status! Please note that the Google team is still working on the UI for smart locks, so lock/unlock shortcuts on the home hub is not yet available.

sesame smart lock added to google home


Set Up 2FA for Unlocking


To ask Google to unlock Sesame, you'll first need to set up 2FA on the CANDY HOUSE Dashboard to ensure that you're the one authorizing Google to unlock your door.

1. Log in to the CANDY HOUSE dashboard.

candy house dashboard login

2. Login to your account and click on API Settings in the sidebar, then enter the verification code emailed to your inbox.

3. Click on Setup Unlock Pincode.

set up pincode for unlocking sesame with google home

4. Enter a six-digit pin code and click OK.

enter pin code to unlock sesame with google

5. Click OK on the confirmation screen and you can now unlock Sesame with Google!

confirm pin code set for unlocking sesame with google

When you ask Google to unlock your door, you must say, "Ok Google, unlock [Sesame name] with the PIN code [pincode]" and Google will unlock the door for you. If you only ask Google to unlock, and Google asks for the security code, be sure to reply with "Ok Google, unlock [Sesame name] with the PIN code [pincode]" for Google to recognize your response.

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to email us at, we'd be happy to help!


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