Sesame Now Available as a Google Smart Home Device!

Good news, you can now link Sesame directly to your Google Home! If you have a Google Home device, you no longer have to rely on our Google Assistant action to link your Sesame to your Google Home. Instead, you can find Sesame directly in the "Home Control" section of your Google Home app!

First, make sure you are the owner of Sesame, have it linked to a Wi-Fi Access Point, and have Cloud Integration enabled (to do so, click on Sesame, go to Status, click on Change Settings, scroll down to Integration, and toggle it to ON.

sesame cloud integration

Next, simply open your Google Home app, tap the Menu Menu icon in the upper left corner, then select "Home control."

sesame google home device instructionssesame google home control

Click the plus sign in the bottom right corner, then find Sesame by scrolling down or searching for "Sesame".

sesame smart lock google home

sesame google home control device

Login to your CANDY HOUSE account and click Authorize.

link candy house account to googleauthorize google to control your sesame

Once you've done so, congratulations! You can now ask your Google Home to lock your Sesame or ask for the lock status. You can also change the nickname for your device, assign it to a room, or add it to a routine (currently US only).

sesame as google home control device

We are still working with Google to implement 2FA and unlocking your Sesame, so stay tuned! We will post an update with more information on how to set up 2FA and enable unlocking your Sesame with Google Home once this feature is available.

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to email us at, we'd be happy to help!


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