Wi-Fi Access Point

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Pair your Sesame smart lock with a Wi-Fi Access Point and connect to your Sesame from anywhere in the world!

The Wi-Fi Access Point features a USB plug, so you'll be able to use the Wi-Fi Access Point no matter what plug set and voltage is used in your country - just plug the Wi-Fi Access Point into a USB outlet or USB power adapter!

Make your Sesame smart lock even more powerful by pairing it with the Wi-Fi Access Point:

 Access your Sesame from anywhere in the world. 
With the Wi-Fi Access Point, you no longer need to be within Bluetooth range to connect to your Sesame. Check your Sesame while away and remotely lock or unlock your door. 

✔ Add or remove guests remotely.
You're on vacation and a friend needs access to your home? No problem - with the Wi-Fi Access Point, you can grant or revoke access to your Sesame from anywhere in the world.

✔ Share remote access with trusted friends and family.
Grant manager-level access to your friends and family, and they too can connect to Sesame via Wi-F!

✔ Receive real-time notifications. 
Get an immediate notification whenever someone locks or unlocks your door, whether with the app or manually.

Integrate Sesame with your smart home setup. 
With the Wi-Fi Access Point, you'll be able to link Sesame to various services like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT (see full list below), allowing you to integrate Sesame with your home automation setup.



Sesame Smart Lock

Sesame with Wi-Fi Access Point

Easy installation - no tools needed! ✔️ ✔️
Keep using your key with Sesame
Unlock your door with your smartphone app via Bluetooth ✔️ ✔️
Unlock your door remotely with your smartphone app via the internet
Unlock your door with Apple Watch via Bluetooth ✔️ ✔️
Auto-unlock your door when you approach Sesame
Auto-lock your door after unlocking
Knock on your phone to unlock your door iOS only iOS only
Add/remove guests or managers via Bluetooth
Add/remove guests or managers remotely via the internet
Retrieve Sesame log via Bluetooth and view history in the Sesame app
Automatic log updates via the internet and view history in the Sesame app
Receive instant lock/unlock notifications
Link Sesame to IFTTT
Link Sesame to Google Assistant
Link Sesame to Amazon Alexa
Use Sesame's RESTful API


  • For instructions, see How to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Each Wi-Fi Access Point can be paired with one Sesame
  • The Wi-Fi Access Point must be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network on channels 1~11
  • Please install the Wi-Fi Access Point as close to your Sesame as possible; no more than 15ft/~5m away
  • USB charger/adapter not included



Plug: USB-A
Voltage: 4.75V~5.5V
Minimum Current Requirement: 0.2A
Dimensions: 1.29" (32.8 mm) W x 1.29" (32.8 mm) L x 1.09" (27.6 mm) H
Weight: 0.57 oz (16.25g) 
Network Requirements: 2.4GHz, channels 1~11

Cloud Integrations:

  1. Use Sesame with Google Assistant via the Sesame Lock Action, or add your Sesame as a Google Home device! (available in English and Japanese)
  2. Use Sesame with Amazon Alexa with the Sesame Alexa Skill! (available in Amazon US)
  3. Use our IFTTT applets (or make your own!) to link your Sesame to a wealth of different services
  4. Use fan-created QSesame or Homebridge-Sesame to link your Sesame to HomeKit and Siri
  5. Use fan-created SmartThings integration to link your Sesame to SmartThings
  6. Check out other third-party plugins Sesame fans have made
  7. Use our cloud API to send commands to your Sesame from your own app or program or try out our no-programming-knowledge-needed API tutorial


Please note that the following must be true to use the integrations listed above:

  1. You must be the owner of your Sesame 
  2. Your Sesame must be linked to a Wi-Fi Access Point
  3. IMPORTANT: You must enable Cloud Integration by going to Sesame Status > Change Settings > Integration
  4. You must login with the Sesame owner account when linking external services to your CANDY HOUSE account. If your account appears locked, be sure to change your password in the Sesame app 


(Please note that, if shipping outside of the United States, customs duties, taxes, and additional fees may be incurred upon arrival of your package at its destination. These additional charges must be paid in full to receive your goods. CANDY HOUSE, Inc. is not responsible for these additional fees. Please see our Shipping & Taxes page for more information.)

Customer Reviews

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Connect takes a lot of time.
Auto unlock does not always work.

Thanks for the review! Moving the Wi-Fi Access Point and Sesame closer together can increase the connection speed, and unlocking your screen when you approach your door can also help auto-unlock to be faster. If you provide more specific information about what's not working well to sesame@candyhouse.co, we'd be happy to help troubleshoot!
Wi-FI Access Point x2

Works flawlessly with both Sesames; a sublime system.

Yay, that's awesome to hear! Thanks for the kind words, we're thrilled to hear you're enjoying Sesame and the Wi-Fi Access Point!

So good to be able to access the house while I am away. It has already helped with young kids off the bus before I got home or friends arriving before me. I can open the door from anywhere and they can let themselves in. Perfect. Thank you - now to kit the rest of the house out with these locks :)

We're thrilled to hear how Sesame is making a difference in your life! It means the world to us - thanks for the wonderful review. If you have any questions or feedback for us, please let us know at sesame@candyhouse.co so we can help!
Great product with a lot of room to improve

Hi, thanks a lot for your support, so I can buy this smart lock.
I’ve been using it for more than a month and kind of like it, especially how easy to install the product.
I do have some problem when trying to lock remotely (without using bluetooth I mean). It might takes more than a minute till my lock respond what I requested (anyway, I use homebridge-sesame, which send API request to the server). Of course, it will be faster if I use my key instead of opening it using Home App.

I think this problem can be solved by opening sesame API to local access (so my raspberry pi can call it directly instead of proxying the request through sesame server). And add a configuration to prioritize sesame lock connection from Wifi adapter, instead of from a smartphone (because I believe, someone who has wifi adapter will be more convenient to use wifi adapter instead of bluetooth connection).

I’m looking forward to your response.
Anyway, thanks a lot for this great product, I love it !

Thanks so much for your review and feedback! It's important to us to continue improving our products and we're sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered with the API. We will be happy to help troubleshoot via email at sesame@candyhouse.co!

It’s works. Wet well. Please ha
Be the support page with the YouTube link. When u by it u r blind in the setup

Thank you for your review and feedback! We have printed instructions for installation on the sides of the Sesame packaging, but we understand it can be easy to miss, and we are planning to include printed instructions in the future. Registration instructions can currently be found on our forum (https://community.candyhouse.co/t/how-to-i-register-a-new-sesame-smart-lock/149) but we also plan to include a QR code link to instructional videos in the future. We really appreciate your suggestion and it's something we're planning to do soon due to similar feedback from other users. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at sesame@candyhouse.co, we'd be happy to help!