How to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Access Point



Setup Instructions

1. Make sure your app has been updated to the latest version before starting.

2. Plug your Wi-Fi Access Point into an USB adapter and make sure the light turns on. Be sure to install your Wi-Fi Access Point as close to Sesame as possible. No more than 15 ft (~5 m)!

3. Make sure you are within 15 ft (~5 m) of both your Wi-Fi Access Point and your Sesame, and that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your phone. 

NOTE: If you are on iOS, make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4GHz network you would like to connect you Wi-Fi Access Point to, since the network your phone is connected to is the one that will show up in the app.

NOTE: Please make sure your 2.4GHz network is set to channels 1~11. The Wi-Fi Access Point does not support channels 12~14.

4. Open your Sesame app and click on the four blue circles on the upper left corner to see your Sesame list. Swipe right on this list to see your list of Wi-Fi Access Points.

5. Click on the plus sign to add your Wi-Fi Access Point. Click the big plus sign to search for Wi-Fi Access Points that are in range and available.

6. Click on your Wi-Fi Access Point to connect. If your Wi-Fi Access Point isn't showing up, please see TROUBLESHOOTING section below.

7. Once you’ve connected, give your Wi-Fi Access Point a name.

8. Select the Wi-Fi network your Wi-Fi Access Point should connect to. Currently the Wi-Fi Access Point only supports 2.4GHz networks on channels 1~11.

9. Enter the password (make sure it’s correct!) and click “Join Network.” It will take some time to connect as your Wi-Fi Access Point needs to restart. If you enter the wrong password or if the Wi-Fi Access Point can’t find your network, this will take even longer. Once you’ve connected, click “Done.”

NOTE: If you've successfully connected your Wi-Fi Access Point to your network, the Wi-Fi Access Point light will be breathing blue. If you're not connected, the light will be red. If you're having a hard time connecting, we recommend moving your Wi-Fi Access Point closer to your router and restarting your router.

10. Next, click on the plus sign to pair a Sesame with your Wi-Fi Access Point. Select the Sesame you would like to pair, then click "Done".

NOTE: Only Sesames you own and that are not already paired to a Wi-Fi Access Point or Virtual Station can be paired to your new Wi-Fi Access Point. If your Sesame was previously connected to a Virtual Station, be sure to unpair it first or you won't be able to pair it with your Wi-Fi Access Point!

11. Before connecting via Wi-Fi only for the first time, minimize your Sesame app to allow the settings to take. Once the blue light on the Wi-Fi Access Point has stopped blinking rapidly, you’re ready to connect via Wi-Fi. To do so, turn off Bluetooth and relaunch the Sesame app.

NOTE: When connecting via Wi-Fi, it's normal for your screen to show "Sesame Found!" for a few moments before changing to "Connecting..." and "Locked/Unlocked". If the connection is slow, you can move your Wi-Fi Access Point closer to your Sesame to improve the speed.

NOTE: We recommend keeping both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled on your phone - the app will choose whichever method is fastest to connect. If you are already connected to Sesame via Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi connection will appear as disconnected. To test Wi-Fi connection when you are within Bluetooth range, turn off Bluetooth on your phone to force a Wi-Fi connection.

NOTE: The Android Sesame app will automatically turn on Bluetooth to ensure the fastest possible connection, so to test Wi-Fi functionality while you are in Bluetooth range, first make sure you are on the Sesame lock/unlock screen. Then, turn off your Bluetooth and return to the app. As long as you don't switch apps, change screens, or go to settings, Bluetooth will remain off and you'll be able to connect via Wi-Fi only. Turning on "Auto-Connect" in Lock Settings can also help prioritize the Wi-Fi connection.


If you cannot find your Wi-Fi Access Point in the app, please reset your Wi-Fi Access Point. 

  1. To reset your Wi-Fi Access Point, find a straight pin or unbend a paperclip.
  2. Unplug your Wi-Fi Access Point and insert your tool into the pinhole at the side of the Wi-Fi Access Point. Press the reset button inside.
  3. Keep the reset button pressed, plug in your Wi-Fi Access Point again, then release 2 seconds after the Wi-Fi Access Point has power.
  4. IMPORTANT: Do not unplug or attempt to re-add the Wi-Fi Access Point until the light turns a steady red.
  5. Repeat the instructions above for setting up your Wi-Fi Access Point.


If you cannot connect your Wi-Fi Access Point to your network, please try the following:

  1. Make sure you are selecting a 2.4GHz network to connect your Wi-Fi Access Point. Make sure the channel is set to 1~11, not 12~14.
  2. Make sure you are using a dynamic IP router and you don't have a MAC filter for your router
  3. Restart your modem and router


If you cannot link your Sesame to your Wi-Fi Access Point, please try the following:

  1. Toggle your Bluetooth off and back on
  2. Log out and login again in your Sesame app
  3. Remove and replace your Sesame batteries
  4. Remove Sesame from your account and re-add it


If you cannot connect to your Sesame via Wi-Fi:

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned off. The app will pick one method to connect to Sesame depending on which is faster to respond. If Bluetooth is on and you are connected to Sesame via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi will be disconnected. 
  2. Move the Wi-Fi Access Point closer to Sesame
  3. Unplug and replug the Wi-Fi Access Point
  4. Unlink and relink the Sesame to the Wi-Fi Access Point
  5. Remove and re-add the Wi-Fi Access Point


If you continue encountering issues after trying the above, please take a screenshot and email so we can help!


Enable Notifications to receive notifications whenever your Sesame is locked or unlocked. Make sure you also enable notifications for the Sesame app in your device settings!


Enable Integrations to link your Sesame to external services. If you signed up with Google or Facebook login, be sure to go to Account Settings and Change Password to set a CANDY HOUSE account password - you will need this when you link your CANDY HOUSE account to external accounts.

In addition, you must enable Cloud Integration in your Lock Settings to use any of the features below:

Here's a list of integrations you maybe interested in checking out:

  1. Use Sesame with the Sesame Google Home Action
  2. Use Sesame with the Sesame Alexa Smart Home Skill
  3. Use Sesame with Siri Shortcuts
  4. Use our IFTTT applets (or make your own!) to link your Sesame to a wealth of different services
  5. Use fan-created QSesame or Homebridge-Sesame to link your Sesame to HomeKit and Siri
  6. Use fan-created SmartThings integration to link your Sesame to SmartThings
  7. Check out other third-party plugins Sesame fans have made
  8. Use our cloud API to send commands to your Sesame from your own app or program or try out our no-programming-knowledge-needed API tutorial


Please note that the following must be true to use the integrations listed above:

  1. You must be the owner of your Sesame 
  2. Your Sesame must be linked to a Wi-Fi Access Point
  3. IMPORTANT: You must enable Cloud Integration by going to Sesame Status > Change Settings > Integration
  4. You must login with the Sesame owner account when linking external services to your CANDY HOUSE account. If your account appears locked, be sure to change your password in the Sesame app 


Sharing Remote Access

To grant access to Sesame via Wi-Fi, add permitted users as managers rather than guests.

Guests can lock/unlock Sesame via Bluetooth and have access to auto-unlock (iOS & Android) and knock to unlock (iOS only).

Managers can lock/unlock Sesame, add/remove guests, enable auto-unlock (iOS & Android) and knock to unlock (iOS only), receive notifications, and view the history log. If the owner has linked Sesame with a Wi-Fi Access Point, managers can also connect to Sesame via Wi-Fi. However, the manager will not see the Wi-Fi Access Point in their account.

Please note that a software update is required to enable the manager role. Currently an iOS device is required for Sesame software update. Click on Sesame > Status > Change Settings > Software version to update the Sesame software. A Bluetooth connection is required to update Sesame software.

Only one user can connect to Sesame at a time, whether via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so be sure to keep your app closed when not using Sesame so other users can connect.

If you have any questions, be sure to email us at so we can help!


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