How to Setup your Wi-Fi Access Point

We decide to make some final tweaks to the software before shipping so we haven't shipped all of our 1,000 beta units yet, but hundreds of Wi-Fi Access Points have already been shipped out! When you receive yours, follow the instructions below to setup your Wi-Fi Access Point.

  1. Plug your Wi-Fi Access Point into an USB adapter and make sure the light turns on. Be sure to install your Wi-Fi Access Point within 15 ft (~5 m) of the Sesame you’d like to pair it with. The closer the better!
  2. Make sure you are within 15 ft (~5 m) of both your Wi-Fi Access Point and your Sesame, and ensure that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your phone.
  3. Open your Sesame app and click on the four blue circles on the upper left corner to see your Sesame list. Swipe right on this list to see your list of Wi-Fi Access Points.
  4. Click on the plus sign to add your Wi-Fi Access Point. Click the big plus sign to search for Wi-Fi Access Points that are in range and available.
  5. Click on your Wi-Fi Access Point to connect.
  6. Once you’ve connected, give your Wi-Fi Access Point a name.
  7. Select the Wi-Fi network your Wi-Fi Access Point should connect to. Currently the Wi-Fi Access Point only supports 2.4GHz networks.
  8. Enter the password (make sure it’s correct!) and click “Join Network.” It will take some time to connect as your Wi-Fi Access Point needs to restart. If you enter the wrong password or if the Wi-Fi Access Point can’t find your network, this will take even longer.
  9. Once you’ve connected, click “Done.”
  10. Next, click on the plus sign to pair a Sesame with your Wi-Fi Access Point. Select the Sesame you would like to pair, then click “Done”.
  11. Before connecting via Wi-Fi only for the first time, minimize your Sesame app to allow the settings to take. Once the blue light on the Wi-Fi Access Point has stopped blinking rapidly, you’re ready to connect via Wi-Fi.
  12. We recommend keeping both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled on your phone - the app will choose whichever method is fastest to connect.

If you have any questions, be sure to email us at so we can help!


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