Wi-Fi Access Point

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(Estimated delivery: June-September 2017)


Please check our blog for updates on the Wi-Fi Access Point!

Pair your Sesame smart lock with a Wi-Fi Access Point and connect to your Sesame from anywhere in the world! 

Make your Sesame smart lock even more powerful:

 Access your Sesame from anywhere in the world. With the Wi-Fi Access Point, you no longer need to be within Bluetooth range to connect to your Sesame. Check your Sesame while away and remotely lock or unlock your door. 
Add or remove guests remotely. You're on vacation and a friend needs access to your home? No problem - with the Wi-Fi Access Point, you can grant or revoke access to your Sesame from anywhere in the world.
 Receive real-time notifications. Get an immediate notification whenever someone locks, unlocks, or knocks on your door.


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