Wi-Fi Access Point Update & Happy Holidays from CANDY HOUSE

Thank You

Thank you and happy holidays from the team at CANDY HOUSE! We can’t express how grateful we are to you for the support that made Sesame and CANDY HOUSE possible. We had no idea what we were in for when we first invented Sesame and offered it to the world, but though the journey has been harder and longer than expected, we’re thrilled to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for being patient with us as we worked through multiple redesigns of the Wi-Fi Access Point - we know it’s been a long wait and we are so relieved that the end is near. We’ve already sent hundreds of beta units all over the world, and we can’t wait to ship out all the Wi-Fi Access Points in 2018!

Wi-Fi Access Point Beta Testers

We’ve reached out to or shipped to everyone on our Wi-Fi Access Point beta list who indicated they’re on iOS. If you’re an iOS user and signed up to receive a beta unit but haven’t heard from us, please email us your 1) order number 2) shipping address and 3) phone number so we can ship you your beta unit and extra rewards.

We’ve just added Wi-Fi Access Point support for Android and will start reaching out to Android beta testers very soon. In the meantime, if you already have a beta Wi-Fi Access Point and have an Android device available, you can download the Wi-Fi Access Point compatible version of the app via Google Drive. We will be releasing the Wi-Fi Access Point update on Google Play once we’ve ironed out a few more kinks, but in the meantime, we’d appreciate it if you could give us your feedback on the app and let us know if you encounter any bugs!

What's Next

As mentioned in our previous update, we’ve applied for FCC certification, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve received our FCC ID! Woohoo! This means we’re ready to manufacture and ship the final versions of the Wi-Fi Access Points, so we expect to be sending out final units early next year. Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us, we’ll be verifying your address before we ship to make sure your package is sent to the right place.

New Wi-Fi Access Point Instructional Video

Once you receive your Wi-Fi Access Point, check out our shiny new instructional video on how to get it set up with your Sesame! We also have written instructions available. If you run into any issues during setup or have any questions, email sesame@candyhouse.co and we’d be happy to help.

Happy Holidays

Holidays are a time for gatherings, and we’re thrilled that we were able to meet one of our amazing Kickstarter backers this month! Here’s Sesame backer Urvaksh with Jerming and a few members of the CANDY HOUSE team:

CANDY HOUSE team photo


Thank you all again for your patience and support, it means more to us than we can say. We’re very excited about the progress we’ve made and can’t wait to ship the Wi-Fi Access Point out to everyone in 2018! Wishing you all a warm holiday with your loved ones, and see you next year!

happy holidays from CANDY HOUSE



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