Lock/Unlock Stickers

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Introducing new stickers for your Sesame smart lock! With this sticker set for Sesame, your guests will know at a glance which way and how far to turn Sesame to lock or unlock. Particularly handy for AirBnB hosts with many guests who may be meeting Sesame for the first time.

Each set of stickers includes the following:

  • 1 green lock symbol sticker
  • 1 red unlock symbol sticker
  • 1 green triangle lock indicator sticker
  • 1 red triangle unlock indicator sticker
  • 1 black triangle positional indicator sticker
  • 3 dark teal arc sections
  • 3 medium teal arc sections
  • 3 light teal arc sections

Use as many arc sections as needed to mark the distance between your lock and unlock positions! (Max angle ~270 degrees.)